Friday, 17 October 2014

When you feel sad...

I completely forgot about this blog. I feel awful right now... I know that maybe people are not reading this thing, but maybe someday someone will find this blog useful and helpful. I really hope that. Time to time I remember this blog and just simply start writing. And today I got inspired. Now I'm thinking how far I got with my life by the time I wrote my last blog post. Well, I'm 16 now, I still live with my parents and sometimes life seems boring. To me everyday became repetitive routine. It seems this way right now and makes me sad. But when I think more and remember... 
Since the last time I post a blog post, I've been to Holland with exchange program and travelled through a lot of Europe countries to Montenegro. I had such a good time and met new people. I lived in a different family where at first it was scary, but when I got to know my exchange program friend, I got really tied up to her and her family. It was hard for me to leave, it's weird and strange how attached I got to Holland. Oh and I write Holland, because I think that I'll mess up the Netherlands name. So it's not just travelling. I'm so happy to have my friends. There are 7 of us and we know each other since 5th grade. We started hanging out when we were in 7th grade. Then everyone went to different schools at 9th grade. Now I'm in 10th grade and our tradition to meet up every Friday continues. We are drifting apart a little, but we keep coming back together.

You know we should be thankful for what we have in our lives and everything should be appreciated. And when life seems boring, just look back at the happiest moments of your life. It makes you feel way better. That's what I thought today when I was standing on the viewpoint of the city I live in.

Love, S 
2 comments on "When you feel sad..."
  1. Love this post! stay positive!!!=)
    u have a nice blog btw I followed u back!!!

    1. Yep! That's the secret to happiness :) x