Friday, 17 October 2014


So it's 1:06 am. My parents told me to go to sleep, but I want to write. I keep looking up to see if the spider on my celling is not going towards me.
When I wrote the last blog post and published it, I felt nostalgic about summer. Oh I want to bring summer back so bad! This summer was literally the best. 
First two months I spent at home and it wasn't boring at all. I was spending time with my friends. We went swimming a lot :D. And I actually was sporty. We cycled a lot. Also I had this summer job for two weeks. It was fun to work and know how to make your own money. After these two weeks I felt really proud of myself and the money I got was not just money from my parents it was my money.
The last month of summer, after my birthday my family and my godparent's family decided to have road trip together. We rented mini bus for 2 weeks. There were 7 of us, going on a long road trip to Montenegro. It wasn't so long. First day we had to drive through Poland and make it to Slovakia. But we didn't, so we slept in a strange and creepy motel in Poland. Next day we drove through Slovakia, Hungry, Croatia and Serbia. And when we were in Serbia, it was getting dark and the storm was coming. So again we found a hotel at the nearest city and stayed there. Next morning we hit the road. And by the evening we reached Montenegro and apartment we had rented. After all the time being in the car it was so nice to get out, go to the beach and relax. We had an amazing view to the sea. You could watch sunsets from our terrace. The place was fantastic. Everyday we got up and went to the beach (let's go to the beach each) and in the evening went to the city or drove somewhere to see famous places. One day we went to see St. Stephen island. It is a private island for famous and rich people only. I heard that Madonna stayed there. And later that day we drove to mountains. We were very up high in the sky. Also we went to the city Budva which is famous for it's bars and nightlife. I really enjoyed my stay there, but we had to continue our trip. Next stop was Tara's river. We decided to try rafting. When we reached that place we slept in a tent. In the morning we were taken to the river. At first our instructor seemed tough and harsh on us. But he was just making sure no one gets hurt. When we were going through rapids it was so much fun, but every time we got  a big splash the water was freezing cold so everyone was screaming. After all this extreme, we packed and drove again. Next stop was in Austria. We visited my aunt and my sweetest little cousin there. We stayed there for few days. Of course one day was for shopping at Primark and the other for visiting Vienna.
Those two weeks went by so fast. Now I have just memories and photos to remember. I wish I could go back to that time!

Love, S         
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