Friday, 31 October 2014

Holidays in Austria: day in Vienna Zoo

I am an animal lover. Animals give me a lot of good emotions. For two years I wanted to visit Vienna Zoo. Finally my mom and I managed to get there.
I have never seen such a nice zoo. Animals are taken care of and have great conditions. My mom's quote was: "Animals here live better than some people do".
Fun thing happened to me in tropic animals area. There is this dark room and when you enter it, little bats fly around and bump into your head. I ran quickly out of the room. I didn't expect that. 
I saw world's cutest animals like Panda, Red Panda and Koala!!!
By the way my favourite animal is Panda.
I highly recommend everyone to visit Vienna Zoo.
Adults 16.5 €
Children and teenagers 8€ 

My outfit:
Coat ~ Primark
Jeans ~ Primark
Hat ~ H&M
Scarf ~ Zara
Bag ~ Primark
Shoes ~ Zara

Love, S

2 comments on "Holidays in Austria: day in Vienna Zoo"
  1. amaaaazing... that chilling bear and pandas, and koalas and those cheetah cubs, and elephants (like a boss), it seems like a great place to visit:)