Saturday, 18 October 2014

Maybelline Baby Lips review

Basically it's a lip balm with a light colour. It protects and moisturizes your lips perfectly. Also this lip balm has an amazing smell. It literally smells like heaven... If you don't like bright lipsticks and lip glosses like me Baby Lips are exactly for you. It's a great lip product for every time of the year. It gives your lips a fun colour and a healthy natural look.
Baby Lips in a pink package is in a shade called "PINK PUNCH". It gives this baby pink colour to your lips. This smell is sweet and fruity. If you're a fan of pink lips you should definitely get it.
Baby Lips in a purple package is in a shade "PEACH KISS". This one is by far my favourite. It gives this nude, a little bit glossy lip look. This scent is fruity and tropical.
And the last one in an orange package is in a shade "CHERRY ME". It gives this pretty red lip colour. And this scent is the best one, because it smells like cherries!!!      
In Holland and Austria they cost 3.49 
I highly recommend this product, because it's a great choice for everyday using.

Loves, S
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2 comments on "Maybelline Baby Lips review"
  1. Baby Lips is the great product and serves good result.I am using regularly.