Thursday, 28 June 2018

The best concealers for problematic skin

Having trouble covering face imperfections? If that's a yes, then high five, girl, because I did too before I came across with these two amazing products.
My face skin is really problematic. I have acne breakouts and after it leaves hyperpigmentation scars. That is why I always struggle with covering everything up. I know the feeling when you have an important day ahead and there's a big pimple or a bright red scar ruining every bit of your confidence.
No more! I have tested tons of different concealers and finally, I found something that can actually help.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Concealer 
This product is literally life-saving! If you are suffering from red blemishes or brown spots the concealer is perfect for you. It gives a full coverage, blends in nicely and smoothly leaving no trace of annoying imperfections. The advertisement says that it stays on your skin for up to 25 hours but I wouldn't agree with that. Of course, it holds up pretty long time but not that long. The product is also great for covering dark circles under the eyes. The texture is creamy so I suggest blending it in with your fingertips because it warms up a bit.
Available in three shades: Porcelain, Ivory, Warm Beige.
Maybelline Instant Anti-age Eraser Concealer
This one is better for dark circles. It has a lighter texture which is perfect for summertime. The coverage is good, but I wouldn't call it high coverage. It can cover up small pimples but it won't do any good with red blemishes or darker spots. The product also boasts that it is anti-ageing. Well, I can't comment on that but I can tell you that the content of it features goji berry which is hydrating and collagen which makes skin elastic. These elements reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
I also love the sponge applicator. It is more hygienic to use.
Available in many shades.
Though every skin is different and what works for me it doesn't mean that it will work the same for you. But I highly recommend that you try these products. How else will you find out? Only by trying and searching we can find a solution to our problems. 
What is your opinion on these products? What concealer do you use? 

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Trendy dresses for summer 18'

A dress is a go-to outfit for hot and sunny days. That is why every girl craves to have a fashionable dress each summer season. The trends for this summer offer many different styles, colors and patterns to choose from. I personally love this year's recreations of vintage style. Though dresses styles differ and if you are not a fan of old-fashioned you still will not be disappointed. Others are charming no less than the vintage ones. I visited Talever's online store and picked out this year's trendiest dresses.

It's all about polka dots and ruffles
Dresses with ruffles are a big hit this season. They usually come in various gorgeous bright or pastel colors and patterns. Though, red polka-dotted dresses are the most wanted. But you can also find it plain or floral. The ruffles go around the neckline and down around the bottom hem. As I see it, these “Boho” style dresses are a perfect outfit match for the Italian holiday. I think it is an adorable vintage look. Imagine yourself with this dress walking around narrow streets of Naples or along magnificent Amalfi coast. So if Italy is on your travel list this summer you should definitely think about buying it. Simply click on the photo below!
Bared shoulders (floral maxi dresses)
Expose your shoulders and show of your collarbones. These dresses are without any sleeves or straps. It is an elegant look and also makes the neck visually longer. Choose an appropriate necklace to go with the dress, put on high heels and you have yourself a chic outfit.
Botanical pattern and thin straps
Hide all of your tropical prints and fill the closet with botanical pattern. Dresses with green leaves, flowers or berries. Also, a grand return of slip-dress takes place this summer. Thin straps and a deep V neckline are trending right now. This look seems to be the most lively and vibrant.
White mini dress (mini party dress)
Is white new the new black? Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. But it is definitely a trendy color for summer. If you are planning on getting an intensive tan then a white dress should probably be in your wardrobe this year. White enhances the tan and makes your skin look even darker.
Something unique
I’m not sure if this dress is fashionable this summer but it drew my attention in the Talever’s store. This is for you if you want to look extraordinary. It is a fancy dress for a special occasion. I love that it has embroidered details in the front and a lengthened see-through tulle skirt.

All the dresses you see here are from Talever’s online store. If one of the dresses caught your eye, just click on the photo and it takes directly to the site online where you can buy it.
Also, you can browse the dresses by keywords: floral maxi dresses, mini party dress, one shoulder dresses, casual maxi dresses.
Standard shipping all over the world is free for orders over US$39 otherwise US$3.99 and if you live in USA IT’S FREE!

Hope you like this year’s dresses as much as I do. I would really love to know which style is your favourite one. Please comment down below!

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Fill up your blank space on the wall

Have you ever stared at the empty wall of yours and thought that you want to spice things up a little bit? If the answer is yes, then you are reading this for the right reason. Often our walls become abandoned due to the lack of imagination or simply time. Though, it's significant to perceive that it is really up to us how we create an environment around us. Not only surroundings can motivate and reveal what is important to you, but also it can tell a lot about your personality to others. Consider your environment wisely.

Back to the empty walls. As for me, I had a completely blank white wall which looked dull to me. It was time to make changes.

And here we have an online shop Photowall. A place where you can find something to fill that annoying blank wall.What really surprised me is that they have a vast and comprehensive range of canvas and wall murals. It varies from classical art to contemporary art. By the way, if you keep scrolling and nothing catches your eye, it is possible to choose your own photo and it will be printed!

When I was looking through the range it took me a while to decide what I wanted on my wall. Just because my sofa has colorful dots and the main color is purple I thought that I need a purple canva, so these pansies were a perfect match!

I received my canva pretty quickly. What is really fun that the package includes parts and it’s kind of a DIY thing. You have to put the pieces together and in fact, it's super easy (instructions are clear)!

This canva really solved my problem. I recommend all of you doing the same. So don’t hesitate, visit Photowall and decorate your wall!

If you liked my canva print here is the link to it.

Love, S
Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Must visit in Austria: Melk Abbey

This monastery is located in the lower Austria, above the town called Melk. It is situated by the Danube river. Its magnificent Baroque architecture is famous worldwide. The building also belongs to UNESCO world cultural heritage.
The monastic community of Melk is over 900 years old and Benedictine monks still walk around. Nowadays there is also a prestigious monastery school which teaches nearly 900 pupils. 
I highly recommend visiting the monastery. Inside you will be introduced to the history of the abbey by special exhibitions. Later you will step in the Marble Hall which contains pilasters coated in red marble and an allegorical painted ceiling by Paul Troger. In the monastery's balcony opens up a splendid view to the Danube river. Then you will be able to enter the gorgeous library which has two floors and its ceiling is also painted by Troger. There are around 80,000 volumes of priceless works.
The high point of the baroque monastery is the church. Following the wishes of the abbot and monastic community, this is intended to make the religious purpose of the entire construction and its orientation towards God clearly visible. It is definitely an astonishing church. 
This place is worth a visit! Hope I convinced you. 
Click here to see the prices.

dress¬ Bershka 

Love, S

Monday, 17 July 2017

St. John's day in Krakow

On June 24th Poland celebrates St. John's day. As you may know or may not know polish people are very religious. That is why these celebrations attract many people. In Krakow, they have a traditional event called Garlands ('Wianki') Midsummer festival. It takes place annually on the bank of Vistula river near the Wawel hill.
During this day women are wearing flower wreaths which later float down the Vistula river. There are also many concerts to go to. Later when it gets dark people gather upon the river bank opposite the Royal Wavel Castle to see the magnificent firework show.
Don't worry if you are staying in Krakow during this period and you only have this one day for sightseeing. It is plenty of time.
Morning is the best time for visiting the famous Wieliczka salt mine. It is definitely a place worth to see. Don't forget to bring warm clothes because you are going to be underground. 
After the tour at the salt mine, I suggest coming back to the city of Krakow and take the rest of the day exploring Wawel's castle, the Old Town and other beautiful corners of this city.
In the evening around 23 p.m. don't miss the firework show!
Krakow is a beautiful city where you can see many different architectural styles as well.
You can wander around the Old Town and discover many magnificent streets with nice architecture. 
Architecture lovers, be sure to visit Krakow!

Love, S
Thursday, 6 July 2017

Finished school. What now?


After my last exam I was so relieved. This meant that I have finally finished school. No more school, no more homework, no more tests. Though, at the same time I was extremely sad to leave school friends. But after that last exam feeling of freedom really hit me. After all intensive studying for exams it was finally over. I think we all had this feeling. That is why we spontaneously organised a mini road trip to the beautiful town Trakai which is within 80 km from us. Trakai has magnificent castle surrounded by lake. There we rented water bikes to explore the area. We had so much fun! Later we decided to visit this place nearby called Uzutrakis palace. We were amazed by this stunning place! If you are visiting Trakai in Lithuania be sure to go there.

Our trip is over. So what now? As for me I know my answer. My goal is to be accepted into medical school. Though, now I'm waiting in suspense because exam results will determine that. I hope for the best but I know that it will be how it shoud be. I know one thing that I will not give up on my dreams.

As for now I'm excited about my new job. I work at the hospital's children emergency department as a helper. I am really grateful to be there because I can learn a lot being in the hospital's environment.

For those who also have finished school this year like me I have an advice. If you know what you want to do in life then go for it! But if you haven't decided for sure and you still have some doubts then don't choose your future career irresponsibly. Take your time to get to know yourself, travel, volunteer, read books,take part in various events. This is how you will find out purpose in life. Don't rush things! Better later than never :)

  blouse ¬ H&M
slacks ¬ H&M

Love, S
Saturday, 24 June 2017

What To Wear For a Job Interview

sweater~ H&M
slacks~ Koton 
necklace~ Primark
boots~ H&M
There is a saying that we greet by the appearance but lead by the intelligence. That is why it's important to choose appropriate clothes for an interview. 
It's summer time and many youngsters are looking for a summer job. I thought it would be a good idea to talk about looks for a job interview. 
If your work is going to be at the office, during the interview you need to wear smart clothes. I suggest a white or any other plain colour shirt and black slacks. For shoes you can wear what ever you prefer either high heels or flats. As for accessories you can wear simple earrings and of course put a watch on your wrist.
Though, if you're going to an interview of barista, cashier, waiter or other job which is not a white - collar one, you can wear less formal clothes. I advise you to choose black slacks as well and the top can even be a sweater or a blouse. Pick plain colours. For accessories you can wear modest statement necklace and basically anything you like. Choose shoes you are comfortable with. Take inspiration from my photos above. Though, I wasn't going to any interview I thought this outfit is definitely suitable for it. 
Another tip from me is not to put on too much makeup. Just be modest, courteous, dress appropriate and everything will go smoothly!   

Love, S