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Is it worth buying Timberland boots? + How to clean them

Hello there! I am that kind of person who wears out shoes quickly. It's almost a one season thing for me. Though, I have few pairs of shoes which are indestructible. One of them is Timberland shoes. I have been wearing these for 3 years now. I think I have hit my shoe wearing record. 
I think many of you know these shoes. They were pretty popular and maybe they still are. I can't say much. Mostly I don't believe that some kind of popular and expensive brand is better than a cheap one, but in this case brand is worth the money. I bought them long time ago just because they seemed nice to me. Now I don't regret paying a lot of money at all. They got me through the worst weather.
You can basically mach them with any outfit. This light brown colour looks simple but a bit odd. Oh, I forgot to mention that these Timberland boots are for winter time and they have white fur inside. Sometimes one shoe tongue flips to outside, but I am like whatever and leave it like that. 
More over is that Timberland boots are the most comfortable shoes ever. I can walk and walk in them no matter what. 
Finally what I love about them is that they are waterproof. That is such a great feature. When it's winter and there are banks of snow outside, you can feel safe, because these shoes will keep your feet dry. Also Timberland boots are lifesavers when it comes to rainy weather. 
However, a year after buying these boots they started making this squeaky sound. Though, this sound wasn't annoying, so I didn't pay any attention. 
Now my Timberland boots look a bit worn out and they make that squeaky sound. 
Despite that I still wear them. Time to time I clean them with different methods. Overall they look pretty great. 
How to clean suede Timberland boots:
1. Use suede cleaning moose. If special cleaner for Timberland boots is too expensive for you, choose a simple suede cleaner.
2. Use dish soap. If suede cleaner does not work for you, take a sponge and on the wet shoe rub dirty areas with dish soap. This is an amazing idea which helped my shoes a lot! It makes them look like new! In my pictures you can see my 3 year old shoes after cleaning them with dish soap.
What is your opinion on Timberland boots? How do you clean them?
Love, S
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  1. beautiful and confortable!!!!

  2. Been looking for a nice pair myself.
    I think good shoes, with good soles, foot bed etc are so important.
    Wearing the wrong footwear can cause so much discomfort.

    So i would spent the money on them for sure, if the quality matches the price ( as you described, not like uggs or minntonka who ask insane prices for foodwear that does not support your feet at all)

    My boyfriend got a pair of Panama jacks. They walk increble as well. So I am still deciding with I want most.

    Nice post


  3. That's a nice pair of shoes and they look so comfy!
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  5. Que lindas! Fiquei apaixonada!

  6. These boots are amazing! I love such type of shoes! Soo cool!

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  7. I am in love with these booties!

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    1. And I follow you back - keep on walking in your fab booties :) and have a beautiful evening!

      Greets from the EDELFABRIK

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  9. Great post, I love Timberland boots :) I love your blog and I have followed you with Bloglovin and GFC. If you ever get a chance to check out my blog I would be delighted, thanks!

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  10. Love those classic Timberland boots ;)

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  12. These boots are beautiful! I want to get some. When I had to clean my suede Vans I used a little rubber brush and it was fab :)!
    Great blog by the way, I've followed you on Bloglovin'.

    Alexandra Louise x