Monday, 16 February 2015

I Love... Mango&Papaya body butter

Hola! This is my second time trying I Love body butter, except now I got it in other scent. My mum gave me this on Valentine's day. I was so excited to give a sniff on this product. It was literally magical... I mean, I can't even properly describe this scent. It reminds me of summer and jungle somehow. Mango and papaya scents combine perfectly. The smell is so good that I wish I could taste it.
After every shower in the morning I apply this body butter with my fingertips all over my body.
Coconut Oil and Shea Butter leave your skin feeling nourished and silky soft. 
Packaging is the same as The Body Shop body butters. Body butter is in 200 ml size round plastic box. Not really convenient to carry or travel with. It's a product to have at home. 
What I love about these products is that they are affordable and quality is not so bad either. Maybe they are not as natural as The Body Shop products, but still it's a great alternative.
I highly recommend this product to you. Give it a try!
Have you ever tried this body butter? What is your opinion about it?

6 comments on "I Love... Mango&Papaya body butter"
  1. great post dear!!!
    happy monday!

  2. I love I love! It its really affordable and almost a dupe of the body shop butters x

  3. Heeey! Hope you have a great day!
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  4. Mmmm Mango & Papaya sounds so yum and it's so much cheaper than the Body Shop body butters!

    I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! This is the link to my post about it which explains what you have to do etc, it'd be fab to read your post about it.

    Emma x

  5. Would love to try it. The way you described the scent, I just want it now and here:) Great post

  6. i wish I could smell it.

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