Sunday, 30 November 2014

Bourjois Intense smoky eye shadow palette

Hello lovely readers! I recently bought some new make up products. One of them is this fabulous eye shadow palette by Bourjois. Basically this palette has 2 eyeshadows and 1 liner. You can create an amazing ombre look or intense smoky eye effect. Also you can use every colour separately. 
Liner is in a colour dark brown. You can create a nice winged line with it. Great choice if you are too lazy to use normal eye liner. The first eye shadow is in a colour burgundy brown and the second one is in a pretty rose gold colour. Both eye shadows has glitter. When you apply just the light eye shadow to your eyelid it looks simple, but gorgeous. I thought it would be a nice look for Christmas time.
To create intense smoky look:
1.Apply the rose gold colour on the entire eyelid to illuminate.
2.Intensify with the burgundy brown colour applied to the outer corner of the eye.
3.Use the eye liner to outline the eye contour. 
Inside the palette besides liner and eye shadows there is this tiny double-ended and easy to use brush. On one end it has liner brush and on the other - foam brush.
If you are interested the whole palette is in a shade 61 Rose twiste.
Have you tried this eye shadow palette? What do you think about it?

Love, S
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