Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Autumn favourites

Hello lovely readers! Today we had our first snow. I kind of feel that the winter came despite the fact the snow didn't stay. To remember autumn I thought why not to write top things I liked during that time of a year. 
Autumn is such a nice season when you can wear cozy sweaters and listen to Sweater Weather song (my all time favourite song, especially when it's autumn). 
This autumn was different. Many times I wore this nice checked blouse with peter pan collar. Peter pan collars are a bit old-fashioned, but they look adorable and I like clothes with them. I bought it from Primark for 9 €.
Next thing I've been loving is my checked scarf. I have it for 2 years now and I'm still in love with it. This scarf is like a big warm blanket and I absolutely love the pattern. I bought it from Zara, but I don't remember the price.
Let's not forget about shoes. When I was in Primark I accidentally saw these creepers shoes only for 5 €. I grabbed then and thought why not to try wearing these strange shoes. They looked a bit strange to me, but I ended up liking them.
Last but not least is the hat. I wanted this kind of hat so bad, that my mom made me a surprise and bought it from H&M. The hat is chic, but simple.
These are things I've been loving this autumn.
What you've been loving this Autumn? 

4 comments on "Autumn favourites"
  1. I want that hat so badly but It's not on the page anymore :/

    Black Long Line

    1. That's too bad :( I found similar one