Saturday, 24 June 2017

What To Wear For a Job Interview

sweater~ H&M
slacks~ Koton 
necklace~ Primark
boots~ H&M
There is a saying that we greet by the appearance but lead by the intelligence. That is why it's important to choose appropriate clothes for an interview. 
It's summer time and many youngsters are looking for a summer job. I thought it would be a good idea to talk about looks for a job interview. 
If your work is going to be at the office, during the interview you need to wear smart clothes. I suggest a white or any other plain colour shirt and black slacks. For shoes you can wear what ever you prefer either high heels or flats. As for accessories you can wear simple earrings and of course put a watch on your wrist.
Though, if you're going to an interview of barista, cashier, waiter or other job which is not a white - collar one, you can wear less formal clothes. I advise you to choose black slacks as well and the top can even be a sweater or a blouse. Pick plain colours. For accessories you can wear modest statement necklace and basically anything you like. Choose shoes you are comfortable with. Take inspiration from my photos above. Though, I wasn't going to any interview I thought this outfit is definitely suitable for it. 
Another tip from me is not to put on too much makeup. Just be modest, courteous, dress appropriate and everything will go smoothly!   

Love, S

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