Thursday, 6 July 2017

Finished school. What now?


After my last exam I was so relieved. This meant that I have finally finished school. No more school, no more homework, no more tests. Though, at the same time I was extremely sad to leave school friends. But after that last exam feeling of freedom really hit me. After all intensive studying for exams it was finally over. I think we all had this feeling. That is why we spontaneously organised a mini road trip to the beautiful town Trakai which is within 80 km from us. Trakai has magnificent castle surrounded by lake. There we rented water bikes to explore the area. We had so much fun! Later we decided to visit this place nearby called Uzutrakis palace. We were amazed by this stunning place! If you are visiting Trakai in Lithuania be sure to go there.

Our trip is over. So what now? As for me I know my answer. My goal is to be accepted into medical school. Though, now I'm waiting in suspense because exam results will determine that. I hope for the best but I know that it will be how it shoud be. I know one thing that I will not give up on my dreams.
As for now I'm excited about my new job. I work at the hospital's children emergency department as a helper. I am really grateful to be there because I can learn a lot being in the hospital's environment.
For those who also have finished school this year like me I have an advice. If you know what you want to do in life then go for it! But if you haven't decided for sure and you still have some doubts then don't choose your future career irresponsibly. Take your time to get to know yourself, travel, volunteer, read books,take part in various events. This is how you will find out purpose in life. Don't rush things! Better later than never :)

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Love, S
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  1. Your pictures are so beautiful.. Travel is not at all a bad idea!