Monday, 12 June 2017

Father's day Gift Ideas

As you may know, Father's day is coming up! Can't think of the best way to show gratitude to your dad for all he has done for you? I'm here to save the day with a few brilliant ideas. Though, it is not always about the gift, sometimes a nice gesture and few words from your heart can make your father genuinely happy. Even a simple gift can make his heart melt.

Gift ideas and nice gestures:

1. Breakfast
Don't be lazy. Get up early in the morning and make your dad's favourite breakfast meal. If he is not a fussy eater and likes to be surprised then pick a recipe yourself. After your cooking is done you can even bring his special breakfast in bed or simply serve it nicely on the table.
You can find a variety of delicious recipes right here

2. Gym membership 
Your dad is active? He likes working out? Then this is an ideal gift for him. He will definitely enjoy going there. 

3. Slippers
Someone might call it a boring gift but I think that it is a thoughtful present. These things wear off quickly. And who wouldn't like a pair of comfortable new ones?

4. Picture in a frame
Pick a picture of you and your dad and put it in a nice frame. A photo can be from old times and from nowadays. It can be a funny one from your childhood. Choose a picture with pleasant memories then you two will have something to chat about and remember the time which has passed. 

5. Gourmet sweets

If your dad really enjoys eating candies or chocolate buy him something special. Pick up gourmet sweets to try. It can brighten his day for sure!

6. Shaving kit
This gift is one the most handy ones. No doubt that your dad will use it. There is no man who could ever avoid avoid shaving even if he upholds his beard it still needs some grooming. Shaving supplies will always be needed because shaver's blades can blunt and you can run out of shaving cream. Though, you have no experience in buying shaving supplies? No worries. This article has everything you need to know about shaving kits. It should definitely help you to make up your mind and pick a high quality shaver. Read the article called "Best Shaving Kits - Father's day Gift ideas"

Finally, I would suggest that you apologise to your father for all the fights you picked up with him. It is normal to disagree because we all are different individuals with different characters. On this day you need to show that you appreciate and love the man who raised you. After all, he is your hero :) 
Hope it was helpful and you decided how to congratulate your dad. 

Love, S

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