Tuesday, 28 July 2015

How to: My first henna tattoo

Hello lovely readers! Quite a long time I wished for a henna tattoo. Every time I go through We Heart It or Pinterest and find these gorgeous designs I just can't stop admiring them. They look incredibly cool especially for summer! I always wanted to make it myself one day. 
So I had this opportunity to try it for a first time. I used 100% natural henna made of plants which is the best henna if you don't want to harm your skin. However it gives you this brown colour. Black henna looks better but it contains chemicals which are not very healthy. I had this already prepared mixture so all I needed to do is to find a nice and easy pattern for my first try. Of course Pinterest was here to help and I found a cute design. Basically all you need to do is to squeeze henna from the tube and follow the pattern. Also be aware that henna quickly soaks into the skin, so if you made a mistake you need to undo it as fast as you can. After you are done you can wait until dye starts to crumble itself. If you don't have a lot of time just wait one hour when it is completely dry and scratch it off yourself. The next day your tattoo will look even brighter. Now I am pretty happy how it turned out for me.  If you have enough fantasy you can even try to improvise and create your own pattern. 
I already look forward after doing another one of these. Hope you got inspired and ready to try it yourself.
Maybe you are also a fan of henna? Tell me about your experience.

Love, S
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  2. And so beautiful too! :) I love it too! :) x