Sunday, 5 July 2015

Free in poppy field

Hello lovelies! You may ask how I ended up in this field. Well, it happened accidentally. My mom and I were on the rode going home when we saw this spectacular view. She pulled over the car and we got out to admire this scenery. It wasn't only poppies but the sun was going down also. The moment was perfect. 
We couldn't miss this chance to take few shots and it lead to a mini photo shoot. However, I didn't have my camera with me so we had to take photos with a phone. 
I was wearing this brown floral dress. What I love about it that this dress reminds me of vintage style. I usually wear it when I want to be different. I also like that the bottom of this dress is like skater skirt so you can feel comfortable in it and still look fabulous. The back of it has a pretty big cut out. I bought it a while ago at Stradivarius. 
If you are able to notice my shoes, I'm wearing these gladiator sandals. They perfectly match the dress because of this shiny copper colour. I find gladiators quite nice for summer time. You can feel comfy in them and spice up your outfit by wearing something like this. They were bought on sale at Zara also not at this time.
That is all of this unexpected shoot. 
What is your latest photoshoot? 

Love, S

2 comments on "Free in poppy field"
  1. What a beautiful settting! What a lovely poppy field!

  2. You look like you're in paradise!! Lovely pictures!:)

    Rachel x