Thursday, 4 June 2015

Exploring Cappadocia

Hello lovely readers! A while ago I was in Turkey and we visited Cappadocia. I had such an amazing time there, met lovely people and learned a lot about native culture. I saw indescribable beauty views. If you are not familiar with this place, I will enlighten you. 
Basically it is a historical region in central Turkey. This place is known for its beautiful canyons, valleys, unique forms of rocks and unspoiled caves. All these beauties were naturally formed by volcanic eruptions ages ago. Ashes and lava created these unique rocks. They were formed with the help of rain, wind and erosion.
Cappadocia has few underground tunnel ans city systems, which in ancient times were used as a hiding-place for thousands persecuted Christians. There you can find churches, cemeteries and even stables. People lived there for a long time so they had installed vents, wells and storage places for food.
We visited the famous Goreme open air museum. There we had a little hike around all these valleys, churches and caves where people lived. Fun fact: we saw that people still live in some of these so called caves, though I would call them houses.
I just have no words to describe this spectacular place, you definitely have to see it yourself! If you have never been there, you should put it on your bucket list. 


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  1. that place lloks really cool. thanks for sharing your pictures.
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  2. nice travel look, and the photos are super cool :)


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  3. Stunning place and pics!!

  4. Oh my word! Looks like an amazing place!! I love your outfit too!

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  5. It looks like a lovely place to visit! Very interesting too & you look cool! :)