Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Happy Holidays!

Hello Christmas lovers! Hi to those who don't like this holiday. 2 days left until Christmas! I'm very excited and happy. Though tomorrow we celebrate Christmas Eve. Relatives will gather around in our home to have a dinner. We have this tradition to serve 12 meatless dishes and you have to try each of them. They symbolize 12 Apostles and represents the 12 months of the year. Every year, during this supper I overeat, because you need to taste every dish for good luck. I know this may seem weird, but we are used to this tradition and it's a normal Christmas Eve to us.
What are yours Christmas Eve's traditions?
I want to say few things to you. First of all, I wish you all Happy Holidays. I hope that Santa Claus will be generous to you. Believe in Christmas miracles and they might come true. Secondly, spend some time with your family, show them how you care. Sometimes we don't realise how much closest people mean to us. Even if you are mad at someone, find forgiveness in your heart and simply forgive that person. Christmas is the time when you reunite with your friends and family. This holidays brings everyone together no matter how far away they are. Let's follow this tradition and be with our closest people.

Love, S
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