Saturday, 27 December 2014

Garnier NEO deodorant review

Hello lovelies! I've been using this deodorant for a few months now. I find it perfect for me.
Though it's really hard to pick a good and suitable deodorant. There are so many of them in marketing. But most of them are harmful and not effective. Still it's possible to find the right one. 
When I bought this Garnier NEO deodorant I thought that it's not harmful at all, but later I found out that it has aluminum. However, it's alcohol free. 
This deodorant is actually a cream which moisturizes armpits and leaves them soft. Deodorant doesn't irritate armpits. You can use it after shaving. Also it doesn't leave marks.
The package is very handy. You can easily carry it in your purse. Easy to use: gently squeeze the tube and cream will come out through these holes on glider applicator. Apply the product to your armpits. Do not apply too much!
There are five scents of this deodorant (Fruity Flower, Fresh Blossom, Shower Clean, Soft Cotton and Fragrance free). I've tried only two of them: Fruity Flower and Fresh Blossom. I definitely want to try others.
I highly recommend this deodorant. It can surely solve your problems. I promise that you won't be disappointed if you try it.
Have you ever tried this product?

Love, S
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  1. HI DEAR!
    HAPPY W.E.

  2. looks nice!
    havn't tried it yet


  3. great review!

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  5. cool review! I must try this product!
    Emma xx

  6. Great review! Seems like I must try this out! x

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  7. I have SUCH a hard time finding natural deodorants! I'm definitely going to try this!


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  8. I didn't know deoderant came in creams, thank you for introducing me! I really would like to try this, lovely photos btw!