Sunday, 20 September 2015

Dorm Essentials: Make home away from home with Parachute bedding

Sometimes moving away from home can be hard. Though even few details in new college dorm room can cheer you up and make you feel better. Need some inspiration to get started? Always here to help!
The first thing you have to get is bedding. How you will survive college year without good sleep? You can cover an uncomfortable college mattress with nice new bedding.
Parachute bedding offers you the best quality at an accessible price. All products are designed in LA, but made in Italy. Finest Egyptian cotton brings you the greatest comfort. I believe that this kind of bedding can be an investment for at least four years. 
Parachute products are simple, but chic. They concentrate in minimalist design which looks great in every room. Bedding is made from soft and lightweight fabric which has matte look. You can choose any colour you want from white to navy. 
Next essential that I can't imagine my home without is a blanket. When it gets cold it is a lifesaver. You can snuggle in it and keep yourself warm. When the blanket is not needed you can throw it on your bed and it looks like decor accent. Parachute has perfect cashmere blankets waiting for you!
Other thing I like to have in my room is a scented candle. Usually I have a lot of them. They create a cozy atmosphere that creates the feeling that you are at home. Parachute also has few candles to offer. They are made from natural soy wax and burns out slowly.
This company really offers the best you can get. In addition to this, Parachute is cooperating with Nothing But Nets and for every Venice bedding set you buy they will donate a life-saving malaria to this net. I think these intentions are very kind.
What are your dorm room essentials?


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