Thursday, 3 September 2015

Back To School

I think for most of you the school year has already started. Speaking personally, I started going to school from September 1st. As always after a holiday I feel depressed that I have to go back there. I mean it is fun to meet all of your friends but coming back to lessons sometimes is a bit stressful for me. The beginning is always the hardest. However, after within one or two weeks I get used to the routine and just do the best I can at school. 
At least one thing when you start school is fun. It is going shopping for clothes, backpacks and all new utility things. Everyone wants to renew their wardrobes and show up to school like brand new:)
For me it is also exciting to go shop for notebooks, pens and etc.. Especially I like searching for notebooks with beautiful covers. Basically sometimes I make a mess in a store because I want to find a nice cover. When I have an inspirational notebook it helps me to study and not to give up. This year most of what I picked was with different cities. That's my way of motivation when I want to travel a lot. 
This season I also picked up a new backpack! I actually was very excited about this one. I found a perfect Converse backpack for school. It is in this gorgeous silver/champagne colour. Material of it is leather. Backpack is not too big and not too small. Inside it has interior organizer pocket which is great for keeping important things organised. Backpack looks sporty but chic! You can buy it here.
How are you coping with coming back to school? What have you bought?

Love, S
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  3. Nice backpack:)

  4. Nice bag!
    I love it.

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  6. I love the backpack! Great post and good luck in school :) <3!

  7. Have fun back at school! I hope the first few weeks aren't too stressful :) xx