Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Meteora monasteries, Greece

At the moment I'm on a holiday with my family in Greece. We live in a beach village Velika which is located on North of Greece, in Larissa regional unit. Our aim is to relax by the beach and go sightseeing.
Today we went to see Meteora monasteries. It is one of the biggest and most important monasteries in Greece. They were built on natural sandstone rock pillars. There are six monasteries located in this area. It is also included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. I  just have no words to describe this beautiful place. Everything is surrounded by mountains and looks majestic. We climbed stairs on the top of The Holy Monastery of Great Meteoron - This is the largest of the monasteries located at Meteora. I wore quite sporty clothes: pink Puma shorts, white blouse and Nike sneakers. However I was not allowed to enter monastery with shorts. But it was a common thing to tourists, so they had prepared skirts. I took a polka dot one. Inside the monastery it looks so peaceful. I mean it is a perfect place for friars. Even being there I felt alive like never before. The view was so inspiring. This area is really worth visiting if you are around.
After we decided to visit port city Volos. We expected to see beautiful old town or something like that. However we were disappointed. There were no people and nothing to see . We walked along the coast for an hour and enjoyed sea air.


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  1. These shots are just unreal! And your hair is GORGEOUS!