Wednesday, 18 May 2016

How To Use Your Enthusiasm? (activities)

Every spring I get very enthusiastic. I think it comes with great weather and sunny days. I need new activities or something interesting to keep me busy. Known feeling? This enthusiasm should be used while it lasts. Maybe you will keep it permanent.
You have all this energy but you don't know where to start? I have got few suggestions for you.

Start working out

Spring is perfect time to step your game up and get the body shape you want. We all want to look good before summer. Your enthusiasm can be used to build a body shape you want. Staying active and keeping yourself fit will also help you increase self-confidence. You will have an activity where you can use your energy. What you can do is start jogging. In this way you will loose some unwanted weight and keep your body in good shape. For those who want more I suggest doing exercises. Simply download any exercise app you want and do this work out regularly everyday. I'm using this app called "Abs Workout - Daily Fitness Routines for a Quick Six Pack Muscle". The app has different workouts at any level for your abilities. If you do your workout sincerely, you will achieve your goal!


Search for a volunteer job nearby in your home town. It is a great activity, which will  also help you to gain new experience, learn to take responsibility and many other things. There are plenty of various volunteer jobs. You can find them by googling. Be sure to choose something you really enjoy doing. Speaking personally, I have always wanted to help in animal shelter. What I did was, that I found few applications online at different shelters, completed them and sent out. It is not easy to volunteer. You don't get any pay for it. Some jobs can be hard and stressful. Look on the bright side: you use your enthusiasm to help society and gain new skills which can be useful in the future. Though, if you want to have fun and communicate with people while volunteering, you can look for jobs at festivals or other youth events.

Cultural events

Go to cinema to see new blockbuster movies, go to premiere plays at theater, visit art gallery. Not only this will be entertaining, but also it will be useful. You will widen your horizons and expand your knowledge. It is important to be enlightened by the culture. Culture is like food to our souls.

Other events

Look for events you would enjoy attending. You can try searching for seminars of your choice. You will find them by googling or simply on Facebook. These events can be very motivational and inspiring. Go to seminars for self improvement and realization of your ideas. They will help you to develop your enthusiasm and point it towards proper usage.

Try new hobbies

There comes a time when you get bored of particular hobby. For a change you want to try something new but have no idea what? Maybe you haven't found that one particular hobby you like? Designate some time to yourself. In this way you will discover what you really enjoy doing. Use the enthusiasm you have to find that one hobby. Do every silly thing that comes in your mind. Try planting, painting, creating music, blogging, taking photos. Literally anything!

Hope it was helpful! Keep your enthusiasm all year around and stay active!

Love, S

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  1. Going to events, specifically ones related to culture and knowledge, is something I never really considered, so thank you for this. I would love to get some food for my soul, because I think I'm lacking substance as a person, and even though it's not spring where I am, maybe it's time to spice up life a little.

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