Tuesday, 30 December 2014


Hola lovely readers! At the moment I'm cuddling with my blanket which I got from my best friend and trying not to feel sad. I'm burning even a few scented candles.Which I do that rarely.
Today was suppose to be a perfect day. Well, that is how I imagined it to be. My friends and I were so excited to go to this school dance. There was this school dance before and it was literally epic! So this time we were expecting it to be similar. This one was carnival themed.  We bought these big sparkling bow headbands and lovely masks. We were ready to hit the party! Unfortunately, we were disappointed. The music was rubbish and there were a few people. I felt a bit uncomfortable dancing, when there were a little people around. It's just that we don't get much chances to attend to these things, because no one organizes them. We have a strict school authority. I guess, we should be happy that school dance actually happened. Although, it wasn't all that bad. DJ played few amazing songs that cheered us up.
I hope that it's not the last school dance and there will be another epic one soon. 
Now let's get into fun things. And by that I mean my outfit. I wore this nice blue dress from H&M. Its pattern looks like feathers to me. On my wrist I wore this shiny golden bracelet and huge bow headband was on my head the whole evening.
Do you have dance parties at your school? How do you feel about them?


8 comments on "Carnival"
  1. I am sorry your dance was that horrible. Hopfully the next one will be better!
    You looked amazing! Love your dress, did not expect it to be H&M ( in a good way, looks way more expensive)

    Hope you'll have a wonderfull new year!



  2. Thank you! You can sometimes find these chic clothes in H&M.
    Have a nice New Year's Eve. xx

  3. Lovely outfit dear!


  4. lovely <3 <3

  5. I love your dress (and that bow is so cute)! It's a shame your dance wasn't very nice. Our school isn't very good at organizing parties either... ToT

    Would you like to follow each other? <3 x Cloudy Dreams

    1. I followed you back! xo thank you S!

  6. happy new year :) and i like your dress;d


    anna from http://stylelovely.com/mimundonormal/

  7. That dress is so pretty! And I really like your sequined bow, perfect for a new years party and dance the night away. I've never had any dance party in my school but I think is a great idea to hang out with your class mates. xx